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Functions molybdenum


·         Involved in the metabolism of nucleic acids - DNA & RNA

·         Assist in breaking down of sulfite toxin buildup

·         Is required for normal cell functioning and nitrogen metabolism


Deficiency symptoms of molybdenum


·         Abnormal excretion of sulfur metabolites

·         Low uric acid concentrations

·         Elevated hypoxanthine and xanthine excretion


People with an increased risk of molybdenum deficiency


·         If your diet consist mostly of refined foods


Food sources of molybdenum


·         Milk

·         Lima beans

·         Spinach

·         Liver

·         Peas


Recommended dietary allowance for molybdenum


·         None - but being a micronutrient 15 mg can border on toxic


Toxicity symptoms of molybdenum


·         Excess molybdenum might interfere with the metabolism of copper

·         Can give symptoms of gout


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