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Functions of iron


·         Required in the formation of hemoglobin

·         Required in the production of myoglobin (the form of hemoglobin found in muscle tissue)

·         Necessary for the oxygenation of red blood cells

·         Necessary for energy production

·         Promotes good skin tone


Deficiency symptoms of iron


·         Severe iron deficiency results in anemia and red blood cells that have a low hemoglobin concentration

·         Anemia in pregnancy increases the risk of having a premature baby or a baby with low birth weight

·         In young children iron deficiency is associated with behavioral abnormalities (such as reduced attention span), and reduced cognitive performance (that may not be fully reversible by iron replacement) and slow growth

·         Fatigue and poor stamina

People with an increased risk of iron deficiency


·         Coffee and tea drinkers (specially at mealtime)

·         If you are on antacid medication

·         People on calorie restricted diets

·         Women with a heavy flow during menstruation


Food sources of iron


·         Heme iron (present in red blood cells and muscle) found in meat, poultry and fish is readily absorbed

·         Non-heme iron – with absorption more influenced by other dietary factors, are present in cereals and dark green vegetables


Best results if used with:


·         Copper

·         Molybdenum

·         Vitamin A

·         B group vitamins


Recommended dietary allowance for copper


·         Adult male                           10 milligram      

·         Adult female                        10 – 15 milligram

·         Children (under 8)                 10 milligram


Biozest supply copper               1.5 milligrams per 500 ml ready to drink



Toxicity symptoms of chloride


·         Iron supplements, intended for other household members, are the leading cause of pediatric poisoning deaths in the USA – so keep the supplements out of the reach of children (A fatal dose can be as little as 600 milligram)

·         Iron is poisonous and if to much is taken over a long period it could result in liver and heart damage, diabetes and skin changes.

·         High iron content in the body has been linked to cancer and heart disease


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