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Functions of copper


·         Required in the formation of hemoglobin, red blood cells as well as bones

·         Helps with the formation of elastin as well as collagen

·         Necessary for the manufacture of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline

·         Necessary for the pigmentation of hair

·         Necessary for the absorption and utilization of iron


Deficiency symptoms of copper


·         Weakness

·         Impaired respiration

·         Skin sores

People with an increased risk of copper deficiency


·         Should extra zinc supplements be taken, you need more copper


Food sources of copper


·         Whole grain

·         Lean beef

·         Liver

·         Molasses

·         Nuts

·         Butter beans

·         Copper water pipes and cooking utensils


Best results if used with:


·         Cobalt

·         Iron

·         Zinc

·         Folic acid (vitamin B-9)


Recommended dietary allowance for copper


·         Adult male                           1.5 – 3 milligram           

·         Adult female                        1.5 – 3 milligram

·         Children (under 8)                 1 – 2 milligram


Biozest supply copper               1.5 milligrams per 500 ml ready to drink



Toxicity symptoms of chloride  

  • Symptoms of chloride toxicity is rare
  • Excess copper consumption may lead to liver damage, fatigue, depression and loss of concentration

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