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Functions of chloride


·         Works with potassium and sodium, two electrolytes, to control the flow of fluid in blood vessels and tissues

·         Regulate acidity in the body

·         Forms part of hydrochloric acid in the stomach


Deficiency symptoms of chloride


·         Can cause excessive loss of potassium in the urine

·         Weakness

·         Lowered blood pressure

People with an increased risk of chloride deficiency


·         Athletes / if exercise excessively


Food sources of chloride


·         Milk and milk products

·         Cheddar cheese

·         Fish and seafood

·         Beans

·         Nuts

·         Green leafy vegetables


Best results if used with:


·         Potassium

·         Sodium


Recommended dietary allowance for chloride


·         Adult male                          

·         Adult female                       

·         Children (under 8)                


Biozest supply chloride              40 milligrams per 500 ml ready to drink



Toxicity symptoms of chloride


·         Symptoms of chloride toxicity is rare


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