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Black Walnut Hull (Juglans regia L.)

The genus name "Juglans" or "jovis glans" means "Jupiter's nut. Mythology tells us that the 'gods' residing on earth lived off Walnuts. Because Walnuts are similar to the shape of the human head, they were historically thought to benefit the brain. In Asian medicine, Black Walnuts were regarded as a kidney tonic, which makes sense as they consider the brain to be governed by the kidneys.


Black Walnut Bark, including the kernel and the green hull, has been used by the Asians to expel various kinds of intestinal worms. A substance taken to expel or control parasites (most often referred to as "worms") is technically called a "vermifuge." The fruit, leaves and bark of the Black Walnut tree offer many other benefits.

Taken internally, Black Walnut helps relieves constipation, and is also useful against fungal and parasitic infections. Black Walnut extract is reputed to be beneficial for eczema, herpes, psoriasis, and skin parasites. External applications have been known to kill ringworm.

The Chinese use this herb to kill tapeworms with extremely good success. The high tannin content is primarily responsible for its anthelmintic property, although other constituents such as juglandin, juglone and juglandic acid may also be involved.

It is known that Black Walnut Hull oxygenates the blood to kill parasites. The brown stain found in the green husk contains organic iodine which has antiseptic and healing properties. Black Walnut Hull is also used to balance blood sugar levels and burn up excessive toxins and fatty materials aiding gallbladder problems and supporting liver health.

Black Walnut Hull has the ability to fight against fungal infections, and acts with an antiseptic property which helps to fight bacterial infection.

This product has no known warnings or contraindications


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