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Functional foods/herbs contain high amounts of bio-available vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and other botanical components that are required by the body in order to heal. They are recognized as food by the body and are generally much better tolerated than chemical medicines.

But to restore balance and renew the body cells takes time. Recovery is normally only as fast as diseased cells can be replaced by healthy cells. Only when enough diseased cells have been replaced by healthy cells, people see dramatic improvements in health.

Then, many people end up not needing their prescription medications anymore.

Functional food and Herbal remedies are not a quick-fix! A potent antibiotic or prescription drug that is aimed toward controlling symptoms will definitely seem to have a more productive short term effect than any herbal remedy.

Functional foods and Herbs may have an immediate effect that relieves symptoms; however, the way they work is vastly different from the way prescription or chemical medications work. Unlike medications it does not force the body to do something it is not ready to do. Therefore, the initial effect may or may not be weaker than medications.

However, the good news is that the long term effect is usually much stronger and more permanent. Many people give up functional foods /herbs after just a few days when they should be taking them for at least 3 months in order to see a long term and noticeable healing effect.

In the absence of a medical emergency, where a health challenge has gone untreated to the point that life is threatened and medical intervention is necessary, functional food and herbs will become a daily option for such a person. Over time, the health benefits become apparent to those who decide to embrace natural remedies as first course of action when addressing health challenges.

So, long story short: Functional food, herbs and activity fails when it are taken as a quick fix, when inferior functional food and herbal formulas are being used and when herbal remedies are turned to in time of crisis.

You are at a point of crisis whenever a health condition has progressed to a dangerous state, where safe, natural, slower healing cannot be facilitated without risk of death.

In contrast to chemical drugs, which aim only at the infected site or symptom, ignoring its surroundings, every functional food and herbal supplement offers with its integrated combination a harmonized effect on the human body, to achieve a balanced action.

Pharmaceutical medications come with certain risks. Sometimes people are forced to take one medications to counter a side effect from another medication. In some instances, certain medications simply do not work for some people. Plus, side effects from today's medications are becoming more and more difficult to deal with.


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