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How 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle works to treat type 2 diabetes naturally

4EVER LEAN takes the guesswork and time consuming effort from preparing "perfect" blood glucose controlling and weight loss meals. The special nutrient combination of 4EVER LEAN will restore your body's natural blood glucose controlling mechanisms as well as induce weight loss - the easy and natural way.

It may also improve many other health indicators i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol etc.  Be prepared to radically reduce or even stop your drug therapy!

What to do

  1. Start by following  4EVER LEAN Metabolic Restore Program for at least 8 weeks or as long as it takes to restore natural blood glucose controlling mechanisms and lose excessive weight. (see Metabolic Restore Program - Quick Reference below)  (download full program here if you wish)

  2. Then follow 4EVER LEAN Maintenance Program to maintain tight blood glucose control and weight and enjoy life.

That's it!

What you can expect

  • Improved blood glucose control as indicated by on-the-spot-testing as well as HbA1c test within 6 to 8 weeks

  • Stop or at least significantly reduce blood glucose lowering medication especially insulin injections

  • Improve most, if not all other health risk indicators i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

  • Rapid loss of excessive body fat (and weight) until body fat reduces to a level less than "Obese". (see body fat for detail)

  • Steady weight loss once body fat reduces to less than "Obese"

  • Stop or at least reduce some chronic medications controlling i.e. cholesterol, blood pressure, water retention etc.

  • Zero or at least significantly reduced  incidences of  hypo- and / or hyperglycemia

  • Slight increase in healthy lean muscle

  • Lots and lots of energy

  • Improved insulin sensitivity

  • Sustained satiety between meals

  • Reduced appetite 

  • Few if any cravings

What you need to start

From High on Life

From your favorite Retailer

  • 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle Guide

  • Managing Chronic Medication Guide

  • Biozest drink

  • ACV PLUS functional food capsules

  • MCT KETO Meals

  • Stocks of  4EVER LEAN's suggested "FUNCTIONAL and COMPULSORY FOODS"

  • Stocks of your choices of 4EVER LEAN's suggested "FREE FOODS"



Metabolic Restore Program - Quick Reference

Follow the MEAL PLAN below consuming indicated FUNCTIONAL and COMPULSORY FOODS and your choice of FREE FOODS and avoid foods listed as FOODS to AVOID



Monday  - Friday

Saturday and Sunday



  • Biozest or pure lemon juice - 1 glass before food

  • ACV Plus - 2 capsules with pre-meal drink

  • MCT KETO meal - 1 sachet

  • Yogurt - 100ml or more

  • Seeds & Nuts - 15g or more

  • Tea without milk, sugar or sweetener (can add 1 teaspoon raw honey or lemon juice to the tea if you wish)

One of the weekend days

  • Same as weekdays


Other weekend day
  • Biozest or pure lemon juice -  1 glass before food

  • ACV Plus - 2 capsules with pre-meal drink

  • Prepare breakfast from FREE FOODS List or omit breakfast food if you wish

Main Meal of the day

Main Meal of the day

  • ACV Plus - 2 capsules

Select from FREE FOODS list any:

  • Protein - 150g or more

  • Carbohydrate - at least two or more options   - as much as you like

  • 30ml+ of "special" Olive oil sauce

  • Biozest, lemon water, tea or water, wine        - 1 cup/glass

Same as weekdays for first 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks you can add one food from the Portion Controlled Carbohydrate List to your main meal or add a small portion of any carbohydrate food you like which is not on the FREE FOODS list  i.e. cake, fried chips etc.


Light Meal of the day

Light Meal of the day

  • MCT KETO meal - 1 sachet

  • Yogurt - 100ml or more

  • Seeds and Nuts - 15g or more

  • Optional - From FREE FOODS List - Small portion Protein food and small portion of Carbohydrate food 

  • Biozest, lemon water, tea or water -  1 cup/glass

Same as weekday Main Meal (from FREE FOODS list) but consume smaller portions than what you would normally consume for a Main Meal and omit the Olive oil sauce.

Between Meals

Between Meals

  • Drink at least 300ml fluid (water, Biozest, lemon juice water, tea) every hour between meals

  • Optional - Snack only if really hungry - seeds & nuts or small portion protein containing food i.e. cheese, olive, biltong, yogurt

  • Same as weekdays



  • Do QMD routine for 10 - 15 minutes every day or walk briskly every alternate day
  • Take the weekend off or do any physically active fun activity you like.



From High on Life

From your favorite Retailer

  • ACV PLUS functional food capsules

  • Biozest Drink

  • MCT KETO Meals

  • Lemon juice / squash

  • Tea - green or normal

  • Olive oil, Extra virgin

  • Pure water

Seeds and Nuts - any mixture of:

Almonds, Cashews, Flaxseeds (must be grinded just before use), Peanuts (unsalted), Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Walnuts


FREE FOODS Portion Controlled Carbohydrate




Consume only after 8 weeks







Fish (also sashimi)


Ham (not processed)







Yogurt - unsweetened










Berries (Straw-, Cran-, Blue-)


Brussels Sprouts





Egg Plant

Green Beans

Green Peas

Kidney Beans

Kiwi Fruit



Lettuce and Leaves






Soya Beans




Sugar Beans

Sweet / Bell Peppers



White Beans



Herbs & Spices - All - fresh or dried

Seeds & Nuts - All

"Quality" Mayonnaise

 "Quality" Tomato Sauce

Raw Honey (limeted)

Tea - any

Pure water


Baked Beans   - 1/3 cup

Broad Beans   - 1/3 cup

Bread / Buns / Rolls   - 1/2 slice

Couscous   - 1/3 cup

Macaroni   - 1/3 cup

Mashed Potato with milk and cheese   - 1/3 cup

Millet   - 1/3 cup

Noodle Rice   - 1/3 cup

Pasta   - 1/3 cup

Potato - baked / boiled   - 1 med.

Potato - new / baby   - 2 small

Pumpkin   - 1 cup

Rice - brown / white / wild   - 1/3 cup

Spaghetti   - 1/3 cup

Sweet Corn   - 1/3 cup





  • All deep fried foods / trans fat containing foods i.e. potato chips, fried fish, chicken, cookies

  • Convenience foods like hamburgers, pizza and sushi

  • Foods prepared with added sugar (also don't add sugar when preparing foods yourself)

  • Fruit Juices

  • Flavoured water

  • Energy Drinks

  • High sugar containing soft drinks and soft drinks in general

  • Commercial sauces and flavourings


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