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The Difference Between Functional Food (as Medicine) and "Traditional" Medicine

"Conventional" Medicine primarily uses an approach that deems the patient to be cured if they have managed to erase the symptoms of the disease, and diseases are generally defined by their symptoms and their corresponding lab data (blood tests, etc.).

The first drugs introduced were antibiotics, which can work miraculously when the disease state is caused by a pathogen (bacteria, etc.). We refer to this approach to healthcare as being "Pathologic or Allopathic Medicine." Infection treated with antibiotics subdues the organism and we return to health. For acute and even some chronic infectious processes this is a brilliant and life-saving approach.

The difficulty arises when one applies this approach to a non-pathogenic disease state (i.e. conditions that are not caused by pathogens like bacteria) such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc. These diseases arise from metabolic dysfunction rooted in biology and physiology. In most of these cases, drugs try to cure the symptom and in doing this, they are actually very often counterproductive in that they often cause new problems, but rarely solve any.

It seems wise that a person utilize both specialties (pathological medicine and functional food) depending what disease state and symptom needs to be addressed. The treatment is aimed at restoring key bodily systems to normal physiological ranges and enabling the body to be in a position to heal and balance itself. None knows better how to do this than the body itself and when symptoms normalize there are no more need for medication.

The premise of High on Life programs are simply this: the human body has the ability to return to homeostasis (health), if it has the necessary components (nutrients and activity) available.

It is of no real benefit to take symptoms away without removing the original cause(s). On the contrary, such an approach robs the body of its ability to fight its own problems and may lead to permanent health damage and dependency on drugs and treatments that often have devastating side effects.

By law, High on Life cannot suggest that any of our functional food combinations or dietary and exercise suggestions can/will cure any or all diseases of lifestyle, but getting the proper levels of nutrition would be a good start. Science confirms that appropriate functional foods and lifestyle changes can have a very positive effect on controlling and many a time reversing diseases of lifestyle.


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