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How do I know when to stop functional food / herbs and give up?

There is a tendency to believe that if herbal therapy does not work immediately then it will not work at all. This is absolutely false. It can take at least 3 months in order to see dramatic improvements. Usually the problem is that the ill person is not taking enough herbs or is trying to substitute a single herb for a medication without considering how to heal the whole body.

Some people believe that functional food / herbs can compensate for a bad diet or very stressful lifestyle. Functional food / Herbs can do this to a certain extent; however, when the illness is serious, not only should functional food / herbs be taken, but diet and lifestyle should also be changed or else healing may not occur. It takes time for the body to rebuild. Unlike herbs, regular medications do not contain anything nutritional and cannot rebuild body cells. Prescription medications typically have a strong initial effect that relieves symptoms. The effects of herbs are typically not so dramatic up front, but over the long term, they rebuild and regenerate the body with many naturally-occurring vitamins/minerals/trace minerals and other nutrients. It takes time for the body to rebuild. Most people simply need to be more patient and to stay on one program for longer than 3 weeks before jumping over to another healing program. "Natural healer hopping" can cause more delays in healing than if one simply stayed on a single health program.

Of course our philosophy is, "Never give up!"


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