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What functional food / herb can I substitute for my medication?

Some herbs have similar effects than medications. However, we highly discourage taking herbs like medications. In order to heal a particular symptom, it is necessary to heal the entire body, not just the part that has symptoms. We are not trying to suppress symptoms with functional food / herbs; we are trying to heal and regenerate the entire body so that the body can heal itself. Trying to suppress symptoms with herbs usually is as unsuccessful as using medication to suppress symptoms. This is because the body is a very complex organism and the functioning of one organ is usually tied to many others. The entire body is interconnected. We cannot have a problem in one organ without having problems in several others. One must ask what all the reasons are for the illness and address all possible causes, even if that means healing a remote area of the body that doesn't appear to be related to the illness. For example, in order to heal the heart, it is not only necessary to take functional food / herbs for the heart, but also for the liver, the immune system, the intestines, exercising and perhaps using essential oils for emotional healing. Doing any less than this is cheating oneself out of a full healing and can cause chronic illnesses to drag out unnecessarily.


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