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Vitamin B-12 (Cobolamin)

Functions of vitamin B-12 (Cobolamin)


·         Is needed in the manufacture and maintenance of red blood cells

·         Promotes growth

·         Is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein and to release the energy in these nutrients

·         Is needed for calcium absorption

·          Assist in preventing mental deterioration and helps speeding up thought processes


Deficiency symptoms of vitamin B-12 (Cobolamin)


·         Sore tongue

·         Weakness and fatigue

·         Weight (lean muscle) loss

·         Back pain

·         Loss of balance

·         Poor attention span

People with an increased risk of vitamin B-12 (Cobolamin) deficiency


·         Strict vegetarians

·         Women on the pill

·         Elderly people

·         Drinkers

·         People on sleeping pills

·         People taking laxatives or antacids regularly

·         Smokers


Food sources of vitamin B-12 (Cobolamin)


·         Organ meats

·         Shellfish such as clams and oysters

·         Egg-yolks

·         Muscle meats

·         Poultry

·         Fish

·         Fermented cheeses


Best results if used with:


·         Vitamin C

·         Iron

·         Calcium

·         Sodium

·         Potassium


Recommended dietary allowance for vitamin B-12 (Cobolamin)


·         Adult male                           2.4 microgram

·         Adult female                        2.4 microgram

·         Children (under 8)                 1.2 microgram


Biozest supply vitamin B-12       1.44 micrograms per 500 ml ready to drink



Toxicity symptoms of vitamin B-12


·         No toxic effects have been reported when up to 100 micrograms/day are consumed or injected


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