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Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid (not to be confused with folic acid) is rapidly being recognized as one of the key elements in many outstanding health and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. Scientists and doctors throughout the world are beginning to discover fulvic acid and are starting to recognize its extraordinary potential.


Humic acid contains an active ingredient called fulvic acid which has over 70+ minerals chelated.


Fulvic acid can balance and energize cell life and biological properties it comes into contact with. If the individual cell is restored to its normal chemical balance and electrical potential, we have given cells life where death and disintegration would normally occur.

Doctors have known for years that everyone needs at least 90 nutrients to maintain optimum health. These nutrients include a minimum of 59 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. But eating good tasting food and swallowing a lot of vitamin pills does not guarantee absorption or utilization of these vital nutrients. When the body does not absorb nutrients the door is open for disease.


Scientists have found that fulvic acid is the element that makes nutrients absorbable, which gives it the ability to make a dramatic impact on all kinds of diseases and health problems that afflict us today. They call it the elixir of life and theorize that without it, nothing would live.


Fulvic acid is being called Nature’s Miracle Molecule, because it does so many things … it wears so many hats. Reported claims of benefits are a little short of astonishing. For internal use they are:

·         Increased energy

·         It’s a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger

·         Chelates heavy metals and body toxins, removing them from the system

·         Transports nutrients into the cells

·         Extends the time nutrients remain active – potentiates the availability of essential nutrients

·         Increases metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis

·         It’s a powerful natural electrolyte

·         Restores electrochemical balance

·         Increases activity of a host of enzyme systems

·         Helps rebuild the immune system

·         Increases bioavailability of nutrients and minerals

Reported beneficial claims for external use:

·         Treating open wounds, cuts and abrasions

·         Healing burns with minimum pain or scarring

·         Eliminating discoloration due to skin bruises

·         Killing pathogens responsible for athletes foot

·         Acting as a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide

·         Treating rashes, skin irritations, insect and spider bites

·         Neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak


Because of fulvic acid’s low molecular weight (small molecules) it has the ability to readily dissolve and bond minerals and nutritional elements into its molecular structure. Nutrients that have been chelated by fulvic acid are in an ideal natural form to interact with and be absorbed by living cells. Fulvic Acid is so powerful that one single fulvic acid molecule is capable of carrying 60 or more minerals and trace elements into the cells.


Cellular electrical energy could be called the life force of the body. When electrical energy is reduced in cells, they disintegrate and die. It is believed that electrical and chemical balances within the cell can be created and controlled by electrolytes … the body’s mini battery chargers.

Scientists tell us fulvic acid is one of the most powerful natural electrolytes known to man. These supercharged molecules balance cellular life … restoring the electrical potential that was once normal to the cell by charging, regenerating, regulating and delivering their living energies to the living cells.


Fulvic acid maintains the ideal environment for dissolved mineral complexes, elements, and cells to bio-react electrically with one another causing electron transfer, catalytic reactions, and transmutations into new minerals.


It helps with human enzyme production, hormone structures, and is necessary for the utilization of vitamins. It has been found to be essential to living cells in carrying on metabolic processes.


It is also one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and free radical scavengers known. It has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons and render free radicals harmless. It can either alter them into new useable compounds or eliminate them as waste.


Fulvic acid can similarly scavenge heavy metals and detoxify pollutants.


Individual cells when properly nourished, are capable of producing many of their own amino acids, enzymes, and other factors necessary for all metabolic processes. Each cell, in addition to other processes, burns its own energy, maintains itself, manufactures its own enzymes, creates its own proteins, and duplicates itself. It is essential to understand that the total metabolism of the body is the sum of the metabolic operations carried on in each individual cell. This very complex process of all metabolic functions is carried on within the cell. If we fail to supply the cell with essential growth and maintenance nutrients we will experience a breakdown of these functions. When the breakdown is substantial we have the onset of disease or the manifestation of some related defect.


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