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Was it a healing reaction, side effect or allergic reaction?

Using high quality herbal products usually results in healing reactions. Most people are not used to these reactions because most herbal products available are diluted and watered down so that no one has a reaction. Without healing reactions, it is difficult to heal.

Herbal therapy cleanses metabolic and environmental wastes that have accumulated in the body for as long as 20 years. In order to heal, these wastes must come out. They do not magically disappear or spontaneously combust. These accumulated wastes have been hiding in fat cells, muscle cells, brain cells, in the liver, intestines and kidneys. Functional food / Herbs stir up these toxins, releasing them into the bloodstream so that they can eventually be eliminated for good. During this time, symptoms from the past often appear temporarily as the body is cleansing away these toxins. After completion of an herbal program, these reactions stop. A classic example is with arthritis. Joint pain tends to feels worse when starting the program. However, when the program has been completed, the joints feel much better than before starting the program. The healing effect tends to be long-lasting. Many people are very happy to go through a short period of discomfort to get their function back and to have the chance at a normal, healthy life.

In order to heal, one should not attempt to suppress the symptoms of a healing reaction. Allergic reactions to herbs are extremely rare. 99.9% of all the reactions herbal products have have not been allergic reactions at all, but healing reactions.


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