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More about Academic Performance
Nutrition Influence Academic Performance

nutrition and academic performanceConventional wisdom says that nutrients are somehow connected to academic performance just like it is to muscles in sport performance. The human brain, like muscles needs a large number of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids to produce neurotransmitters and other important brain compounds. A lack of nutrients can result in chemical abnormalities and missed connections leading to an underperforming brain. 

Maximizing Academic Performance

Academic PerformanceNot many (if any) teachers, especially during the first 10 years of schooling, spend any class time on improving student skills in maintaining concentration, memorizing, or dealing with the anxiety which normally occurs with tests and examinations. Most students have never had any training in improving how they learn. The emphasis in academic training is typically on how much content you have learned, not on improving your ability to learn and improve your academic performance. The assumption is that your ability to concentrate, remember and create is set and cannot be improved. Successful athletes, however, never make this assumption. It is widely acknowledged that one's physical performance in a sport can be hampered or enhanced by one's mental performance or attitude, diet and training program.


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