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Functions potassium


·         Works with sodium to regulate the body’s waste balance

·         Normalize heart rhythm

·         Transport oxygen

·         Preserves proper alkalinity of body fluids

·         Stimulate kidneys to eliminate poisonous body waste

·         Assist in controlling blood pressure

·         Promotes healthy skin


Deficiency symptoms of potassium


·         Poor reflexes

·         Nervous disorders

·         Respiratory failure

·         Irregular heart beat

·         Cramping


Functions of selenium


·         Is a major antioxidant

·         Protects cell membranes

·         Decrease the risk of breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer

·         Decrease the risk of disease of the heart and blood vessels

·         Preserves tissue elasticity

·         Fight infections

·         Promote energy

·         Assist in the production of healthy sperm


Deficiency symptoms of selenium


·         Premature aging

·         Heart disease


 Functions sodium


·         Needed to manufacture hydrochloric acid which protects the body from infections

·         To prevent muscle cramping


Deficiency symptoms of sodium


·         Nausea

·         Dizziness

·         Poor concentration

·         Muscle weakness


 Functions of vanadium


·         May reduce elevated blood glucose levels

·         Improve insulin sensitivity

·         Reduce total LDL (bad) blood serum cholesterol levels

·         May improve muscle growth

·         May improve sport/muscle performance

·         Is important to maintain neurotransmitters and hormone levels

·         Assist with overall sense of emotional well being


Deficiency symptoms of vanadium


·         Adversely impact on cardiovascular and kidney health

·         May negatively impact the reproductive abilities of both male and female


Functions zinc


·         Is an antioxidant and necessary for a healthy immune system

·         Is necessary for protein synthesis and wound healing

·         Is vital for the development of the reproductive organs and male hormone activity

·         Vital for prostate functions and testosterone production

·         Controls the contractility of muscles

·         Important for blood stability

·         Maintains the body's alkaline balance

·         Aids in the digestion and metabolism of phosphorus


Deficiency symptoms of zinc


·         Delayed sexual maturity

·         Prolonged healing of wounds

·         White spots on finger nails

·         Fatigue

·         Under performing of the immune system

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